U.S. Fish Wildlife Service Plan to De-list Wolves Runs Into a Stumbling Block

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to de-list the gray wolf from most of the continental United States has run into a stumbling block.  An independent scientific review panel unanimously concluded that the proposal to de-list gray wolves in the northeast based upon the Service’s conclusion that the eastern wolf, not the gray wolf is native to the northeast, is not based on the best available science and is not supported by sufficient scientific evidence.  MWC had earlier testified to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that there is insufficient evidence that gray wolves are not native to the northeast and much evidence (prey species, proximity to existing/former gray wolf populations, etc.) that gray wolves are native to this region.

In light of the new report, the public comment period has been extended another 45 days to March 27, 2014.  Instructions on how to provide comments to the federal de-listing proposal can be found at www.fws.gov/home/wolfrecovery.  The peer review can be found at www.fws.gov/home/wolfrecovery/pdf/Final_Review_of_Proposed_rule_regarding_wolves2014.pdf

This report brings new hope to northeast wolf advocates.  We urge you to review the report and to submit comments in support of northeast wolf recovery.  Thank you.

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