MWC Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary!

Maine Wolf Coalition Booth

Maine Wolf Coalition Booth at the Common Ground Fair

In September 1994, we started the Maine Wolf Coalition at the Common Ground Fair in Windsor, Maine.  We built a booth, purchased booth space and signed up our first members. Given the newness about the wolf recovery issue and the controversy it generated, we felt extremely lucky just to be able to participate.  This year, we celebrated our 20th anniversary and our 21st consecutive appearance at the Common Ground Fair.  Once again, our booth was very popular as we met and spoke with many folks from Maine and elsewhere about wolf recovery in the northeast.

We’re finding that as time passes, people are becoming more aware of the wolf recovery issue, more accepting of wolves, and more knowledgeable of the ecological benefits of benefits of wolf recovery.  Many thanks to all who visited our booth and especially to the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association who put on the Common Ground Fair each year and who have made us feel so welcome for the past twenty years.

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