MWC Repeats its Call for a Bi-National Recovery Plan

April 29, 2012

Secretary Ken Salazar
U.S . Department of Interior
1849 C. St. NW
Washington, DC. 20240

Peter Kent-Environment Minister
401 Confederation Building
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1A 0A6

Dear Messrs. Salazar and Kent:

I am writing on behalf of The Maine Wolf Coalition, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to wolf recovery in Maine through research, education and protection. Since 1994, our organization has advocated for the natural recolonization (as opposed to reintroduction) of wolves in Maine and elsewhere in eastern North America where habitat and prey will support wolves.

Since 1993, no less than nine wolves have been killed in an area ranging from Massachusetts in the south to Newfoundland in the north/east. In March 2012, the first wolf in 100 years was killed in Newfoundland and in April 2012, the first wolf since 1876 was killed in New Brunswick. These animals follow wolves killed in Massachusetts, New York, Vermont(2), Maine(2), and Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

The evidence of a widespread effort by wolves to recolonize eastern North America can no longer be disputed. Regardless of their genetic “purity”, these large canids are attempting to fill an ecological niche that we humans created over a century ago. It appears that they are neither gray wolf nor eastern wolf, but a “new” wolf that is a hybrid of the two. This animal is roughly the size of the gray wolf and some 30-40 pounds larger than the eastern wolf. Based upon its size, it can prey on deer, moose and caribou. All three species benefit when they are tested by natural predators.

Some time ago our organization requested that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service work with Canada on a Bi-National Recovery Plan for this wolf. With the recent documentation of wolves in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, we believe such a plan is needed more than ever. We again ask the U.S . and Canada to work together to promote the natural recolonization of this animal. It is in the best interest not only of our environment, but of our economy.


John M. Glowa, Sr., President
The Maine Wolf Coalition, Inc.
30 Meadow Wood Drive
South China, ME 04358

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