New Facebook Page About Maine Wildlife

I have started a new Facebook page titled John Glowa’s Maine Fish and Wildlife News.  The purpose of the new page is to educate the people of Maine about what really is going on when it comes to the public’s fish and wildlife resources. There are many issues that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, radical “sportsmen”, and their allies in the press don’t want the public to know about. For example, they don’t want the public to know the truth about Maine’s misnamed Coyote Control Program and the tens of thousands of dollars that are being wasted annually with no scientifically documented benefit to Maine’s deer herd. Another issue they don’t want the public to know about is the growing number of bald eagle deaths in Maine, the potential health threat to humans resulting from the consumption of lead fragments in wild game, and Maine’s state government run Hunters for the Hungry program program that distributes wild meat to the public without x-raying it for lead fragments and without warning the public regarding the dangers of consuming lead tainted meat.

Maine’s system of fish and wildlife management is not just broken-it is rigged. Decades of monopolization of “the system” by radical sportsmen and unscrupulous politicians has resulted in a system in which most Mainers have no say and over which a tiny minority has control. If this system is ever to be made fair, the people of Maine will have to become educated and involved. It is time for the people of Maine to take back our fish and wildlife resources from the special interests and the corrupt government officials who now have nearly complete control. Perhaps if enough people are educated, they will act to force government to reform.

No Word Yet on Maine’s Wildlife Action Plan

We are still waiting to hear from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding approval of Maine’s proposed 2015 Wildlife Action Plan. MWC opposes approval of the plan because of its exclusion of the wolf and because the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife excluded MWC from any involvement and consideration in the process of developing the Plan. MWC did submit written comments but those comments were not even acknowledged. In a November 30, 2016 email, Colleen Scully of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stated that they now anticipate reviewing Maine’s draft plan in April or May 2017. Both Vermont and New Hampshire did include the wolf in their draft plans, despite the fact that they both have much less potential wolf prey and habitat than Maine has.

MWC’s 2016 Common Ground Fair Booth Another Big Success!

Many thanks to the hundreds of folks who stopped by MWC’s booth at our 23rd consecutive annual Common Ground Fair. We observed much more foot traffic in the Environmental Concerns tent this year and that translated into greater numbers of people visiting our booth and more donations. Donations this year totaled $190 which were more than double the cost of the booth space. As always, we made many excellent contacts and many folks continue to express interest in, and support for wolf recovery in Maine.

Cameras to Be Set Up in December

Barring unforeseen circumstances, our two game cameras will be set up in eastern Maine, near the New Brunswick border. As of the first week of December, the area had already received over a foot of snow. Last winter large canid tracks were seen in the area, but we were unable to install our cameras. Using some of the donations received at the Common Ground Fair, we’ve purchased fresh batteries and new SD cards for the cameras. We intend to leave the cameras out most of the winter and we’ll be reporting the results of our efforts in early 2017.

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