The Wolves Need Your Help

Maine Wolf Trail Cam

Maine Wolf Coalition Trail Cam

In 2010, The Maine Wolf Coalition reorganized from a membership-based organization to primarily an internet-based organization.  In doing so, we set up a PayPal account in hopes of generating the revenue needed to continue our work on behalf of wolf research, education, and protection.  We recently purchased three trail cameras (see photo) to set out in the north Maine woods to attempt to get photographic evidence of live wolves.  Our website is a powerful tool that enables us to get the latest word about wolves in the northeast out to wolf advocates worldwide.

All of this costs money and none of us gets paid a dime to do the work that needs doing.  Things like driving up into the woods to set up cameras, writing testimony opposing the delisting of wolves, drafting petitions, researching the best deals for cameras and wolf attractants, talking with the press, putting together MWC’s educational display and presenting it at various events, writing articles for the website, and going to public hearings are all things that we do not for any money, but for our love and appreciation of wolves.  All of the money we receive in donations (except for a very small handling fee charged by PayPal) goes directly to MWC’s work, whether that is paying for the website, purchasing cameras, or renting booth space at the Common Ground Fair.  In addition to the time we donate, a good percentage of the money spent e.g. camera batteries, photo memory chips, gasoline, postage, computer time, wolf display, etc. comes from our own pockets.

We are a very small, very committed organization and we need your financial help to keep going.  We have been in existence since 1994 so we’ve been at this awhile.  If you support wolves and their return to the northeast, if you believe that northeast wolves need an organization to advocate on their behalf, if you think that there needs to be a watchdog to hold the state and federal governments accountable for their actions/inactions regarding wolves, if you appreciate getting periodic updates with regard to northeast wolf recovery, or if you want to play a part in wolf recovery in the northeast, then the wolves need your financial support.  If you want to avoid the small fee charged by PayPal, you can donate by check to: The Maine Wolf Coalition, Inc., 30 Meadow Wood Drive, South China, ME 04358.  If you ever want to discuss northeast wolf recovery and what we do, we’d be happy talk via email at or via telephone at (207)445-2360.  The Maine Wolf Coalition, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible.  Only with your continued support will we able to continue this important work.  We and the wolves thank you.

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