We started the Maine Wolf Coalition in September 1994 at Maine’s Common Ground Fair. We knew that Maine needed an organization to speak out on behalf of wolves and to educate the public about them. For a number of years we were membership based and very active giving presentations, attending functions, and raising monies to support our work. Over time, as people came and went, and as it became more practical to do so, we made the decision to become an internet based organization instead of a membership based organization. For several years now we have operated MWC on a shoestring with the bulk of our funds used to pay for our website. With very limited monies and resources, through our website, our wolf booth and in response to inquiries from the public and the press we have continued to educate others about wolves and to serve as a major voice in wolf recovery advocacy.

Perhaps it is time for a rebirth. As the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service actively seeks to get out of the wolf business here in the northeast rather than implement and enforce the Endangered Species Act, and as wolves continue to be killed in this region, the need for citizens to take the lead on behalf of wolf recovery is greater than ever. If our government isn’t going to live up to its responsibility, it’s up to us.

In this regard, we are sending out an invitation to interested parties to join us for a brainstorming meeting to decide the future of MWC and citizen efforts to restore wolves to this region through research, education and protection. The wolves’ future will depend entirely on our willingness to co-exist with them. That willingness will only be maximized through education and advocacy.

We are also beginning a fundraising effort to purchase a pc, software, screen and projector in order to develop and give powerpoint presentations. Over the past twenty years we have accumulated and continue to gather information about wolves and their recolonization of eastern North America. We want to disseminate this information and to do so we are seeking to raise $1,000 by June 1, 2014. Any monies we receive over this amount will go to fund our website. All donations are tax deductible and can be sent directly to MWC at 30 Meadow Wood Drive, South China, ME 04358 or can be made to PayPal through our website at

If you are interested in playing a part in wolf recovery, please write or email us. Our email address is

We and the wolves thank you.

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