Maine Wolf Coalition Featured in Television Spot

WABI-TV Channel 5 in Bangor, Maine recently ran a piece on wolves in the northeast.  To watch the story click here! The reporter interviewed John Glowa, MWC President and Dan Harrison of the University of Maine.  The piece featured MWC’s website including photographs of wolves killed in the northeast in recent years. 

While reading the text or watching the video please note that Dr. Harrison made two statements apparently intended to dispel the notion that wolves can cross the St. Lawrence River, in spite of much evidence that wolves and other wildlife have successully crossed the river in recent years.  First, he stated that the shipping channel in the St. Lawrence River is maintained in the winter.  In fact, the shipping channel throughout the entire 150 mile length of the St. Lawrence from Montreal to Lake Ontario is allowed to freeze and is not maintained from late December through late March.   This stretch of river is not a barrier during the winter months, but instead it provides a dispersal and travel corridor for wolves and other wildlife.  Second, Dr. Harrison stated that wolves disperse in the winter, and by implication, for this reason wolves could not cross the river.  In fact, wolves disperse at any time of year and like all canids are excellent swimmers.

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