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Another Coyote Bounty Bill Introduced

Aroostook County Conservation Association

2011 Coyote Control Contest - 136 coyotes tagged

State Rep. L. Gary Knight (R) of Livermore Falls is sponsoring L.D. 1072, An Act to Establish a Coyote Bounty Permit.  The bill would establish a $40 permit making the permittee eligible to collect coyote bounties, establish coyote registration stations, and pay a $10 bounty for each coyote registered.  The bill does not state where the bounty money would come from or how much the program will cost.  It also does not state what impacts, if any, it will have on the coyote population or on Maine’s deer herd.  Anyone wishing to express their opinions to Rep. Knight can do so via email at or by home telephone at (207) 897-2489. Read the rest of this entry »