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The Maine Wolf Coalition

Northeast Wolf Recovery

In August 1993 a bear hunter from Pennsylvania shot and killed a young female wolf as she came in to feed on bear bait in the north Maine woods.  The killing of this animal demonstrated the very real possibility that wolves are attempting to recolonize the northeast U.S. after an apparent absence of nearly a century.

The Maine Wolf Coalition was founded in 1994 to support wolf recovery in Maine through research, education and protection.  Through this website we are seeking to educate the public, wildlife professionals and government officials by gathering and disseminating evidence that natural wolf recovery in the northeast is not only possible, but that it will happen if we only let the wolves survive.


Photo Left: Canadian Wildlife Biologist Sophie Czetwertynski holding radio-collared wolf pups in Quebec’s Laurentide Reserve. The Reserve may serve as a source population for wolves in the northeast U.S. if they are allowed to survive and disperse.