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We started the Maine Wolf Coalition in 1994 to promote wolf recovery in Maine through research, education, and protection.  The need for all three is as great today as it was back then.  We have always operated MWC with little money and have never had a paid staff.  We believe that there is nothing as unstoppable as an idea whose time has come.  We believe the wolf’s time has come, but much remains to be done.

Our short term goals are:

(1) to purchase equipment to develop and give wolf presentations which will inform and educate the public about wolf recovery in the northeast; and,

(2) to purchase equipment to conduct the research necessary to determine the status of wolves in the northeast.

Our long term goals include educating the public about wolves and conducting and assisting with wolf research in the northeast.  Our state and federal governments either don’t have or won’t make available the resources needed to maximize the likelihood that wolves will naturally recolonize the northeast.  For this reason it is up to us, the public, to lead the way.  We ask for your tax-deductible financial support as together, we work to make wolf recovery in the northeast a reality.  Thank you.


John M. Glowa, Sr.
President, The Maine Wolf Coalition, Inc.